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Land Acquisition

GTA NORTH Real Estate provides a full suite of services including expertise in land acquisition. We offer advice on structuring, negotiation, implementation, leasing, sales and acquisitions. Our team work with individuals, businesses and corporations extend their reach and exceed their projected growth patterns by knowledgably predicting land value and assessing and mitigating business risk.

Some of the type of projects we work on:

  • Condominium development, conversion and management
  • Land acquisition and assembly
  • Distressed-property development, upgrading and restructuring
  • Lease holding
  • Investment financing and loan security
    Investment with co-ownership, partnerships and joint ventures
  • Property management advisement
  • Acquisition of commercial and industrial properties
    Sale of commercial properties
  • Zoning
  • Commercial real estate taxation (in regards to investment)
  • Landlord/tenant advisement